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28may17:00The Weapon of OrganizationMario Tronti's Political Revolution in Marxism - Andrew Anastasi


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The Weapon of Organization: Mario Tronti’s Political Revolution in Marxism (forthcoming from Common Notions in 2020) collects seventeen new translations of texts by one of the most dynamic Marxist thinkers of the twentieth century, whose work has until now been largely unavailable in English. In this collection of writings on militant practice and “the problem of organization,” Tronti reflects on a series of experiments he and his comrades launched in support of workers’ struggles in Italy during the 1960s. In the book’s introduction, editor and translator Andrew Anastasi summarizes Tronti’s political and intellectual development while also identifying contemporary political questions that his theory helps to reframe: How might climate struggles exacerbate contradictions between capitalists? How does Tronti’s concept of “class” relate to 21st-century movements? How are today’s struggles relating to forces of reformism, including the U.S. Democratic Party and non-profit organizations? This panel will bring Anastasi into conversation with Magally Miranda Alcázar, Manuel Criollo, René Christian Moya, and Daniel Gutiérrez to explore the utility of Tronti’s theory for struggles in the 2020s.


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