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07may19:00Municipal Socialism and the Right to the CityTBC


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Black Rose BooksWe are often asked the origins of our name. BLACK ROSE BOOKS was proposed as a name for the new project by our celebrated author and philosopher, Murray Bookchin. According to legend, during the peasant uprisings in the middle ages those who found freedom would also find the black rose in nature, and conversely those who found the black rose in nature would find freedom. It was agreed that no graven image of the black rose would be encouraged; we want the human imagination to see it freely. In today's world of press, television and massmarket publishers, an alternative point of view is more important than ever. The creation of this Web site marks a new avenue for Black Rose Books. Proudly, we will continue to present new seasons, and with each, invite you to celebrate creative publishing at its best, without compromise.

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