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09may20:00Deciding for Ourselves: Direct Democracy in Times of DisasterWith Cindy Milstein & Other Contributors


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Join a conversation with Cindy Milstein and contributors to her edited collection Deciding for Our Ourselves: The Promise of Direct Democracy. In this time of coronavirus-related disaster, people everywhere are looking for solutions. It’s clear that neither governments nor the capitalist economy can provide them. In almost every respect that matters, we’ll have to deal with this mess on our own. But how?

A better world through self-determination and self-governance is not only achievable. It was already happening before this pandemic, in urban and rural communities around the world as an implicit or explicit replacement for hierarchical social control. In this panel discussion, participants in such projects will share their insights and lessons, applying them to the situation we’re facing today. Diverse forms of direct democracy offer us not only a way to organize in times of crisis but also the best chance of creating the worlds we dream about, because they allow us to determine together, dynamically over time, what we need and want in our own distinctive contexts. Let’s build and dream together!


(Saturday) 20:00 UK


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